What is Cuppa?

Cuppa is a weekly rolling subscription service delivered through the post, containing everything you need for a weeks worth of teas and coffees on the go. This comprises of 20 coffee or tea sachets (or 10 of each if combi box), 40 sugar sachets, 40 milk sachets and stirrers.

After building your box online, you can expect weekly deliveries of your Cuppa box, ready to take with you wherever needed through the week. The box has been designed to fit both through a postbox and compact enough to transport.

When will I receive my first Cuppa?

All our Cuppa boxes are picked to order, and are posted within 5 business days of order.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easy. You just need to go to your account area on our Website and follow these steps (this must be arranged by midnight on the Tuesday before the following week's delivery):

1. Log in on the Cuppa Website;

2. Click on Your Account Settings;

3. Click the small edit box under Subscription Info;

4. Click on 'cancel my subscription' at the bottom of the page;

4.5. Follow the steps to deactivate or cancel.


How do I cancel an order?

You may deactivate an order, or cancel your subscription at any time, however you must do so by the Tuesday the week before your delivery. To deactivate you must email info@myperfectcuppa.co.uk by 7pm, or:

1. Go to My Orders on the menu to the left of your account section on the Website;

2. Choose the subscription you'd like to deactivate and click it;

3. Select the edit button at the top of My Subscriptions;

4. Click on 'deactivate my subscription';

5. Follow the steps to deactivate online, which must be completed by midnight on the Tuesday the week before your delivery.

If you wish to cancel your order prior to receiving your first box, please contact customer care at: info@myperfectcuppa.co.uk prior to 7pm on the Tuesday the week before your delivery. You are not able to cancel your first box via our online services.


How is Cuppa delivered?

Cuppa is designed to fit through a standard sized letter box, meaning you do not need to be home to receive your Cuppa order. In the instance that Cuppa cannot be posted, see our terms and conditions for a full breakdown of how a delivery will be fulfilled https://myperfectcuppa.com/policies/terms-of-service.

More questions? Send us a DM via Facebook or Twitter, or email us at info@myperfectcuppa.co.uk.